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How can we quickly solve the problem that the floodlight does  turn on?
How can we quickly solve the problem that t... It is speculated that customers who are often engaged in outdoor lighting projects should encounter the problem that high-power LED floodlights cannot be turned on. So, how can LED floodlight manufacturers quickly solve the problem of turning on the floodlight?In order to solve the problem that the LED floodlight does turn on, the floodlight manufacturer m...

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Manufacturers analyze the difference between led wall washer  led strip light
Manufacturers analyze the difference betwee... The manufacturer of LED outdoor lighting equipment may also have customers asking about the difference between LED wall washer LED strip light. The power of led wall washer manufacturers determines its projection distance. Usually, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W other parameters.But power is fixed. The power can be flexibly changed as needed. Generally, high-p...

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LED wall washer manufacturers perform fixed-point analysis tests on defective parts
LED wall washer manufacturers perform fixed... LED failure analysis is the process of analyzing LED failures. In order to understand the cause of equipment failure, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study of the various components of the LED outdoor wall washer. First, we must analyze the failure time of the wall washer. For components close to the design life, decommissioning will be analyzed. ...

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